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Date Title
2012-5-2 Prescribing according to body volume instead of body surface
2012-5-2 Comments about biopsies and cancers
2012-5-2 Vorapaxar, platelet aggregation inhibitor, inhibiting PAR-1 receptor (Protease-Activated Receptor)
2012-5-2 Lasmiditan for the treatment of migraine attack
2012-5-2 Treatment of overactive bladder syndrome
2012-5-2 Antibody to PCSK9 and LDL-cholesterol
2012-5-2 Insulin alone for type 2 diabetes?
2012-5-2 Brodalumab and ixekizumab, to treat psoriasis
2012-4-21 Aspirin and cancer
2012-4-21 Amantadine for severe traumatic brain injury
2012-4-21 Ingenol mebutate for actinic keratosis
2012-4-21 Peginesatide, Omontys*, for treatment of anemia in adult dialysis patients
2012-4-21 Donepezil 23 mg, or how to avoid the competition of the corresponding generics.
2012-4-21 Dutasteride and progression of the localized prostate cancer
2012-4-21 Surfactant in the respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn
2012-4-21 Supplementation in vitamin D and calcium in the elderly
2012-4-21 Laquinimod for multiple sclerosis
2012-4-21 Pasireotide for Cushing's disease
2012-4-21 Strange generics in Canada, Apo-ramipril 5 mg and Sandoz morphine
2012-4-21 Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors in type 2 diabetes
2010-10-26 Opiorphin, towards a new drug?
2010-10-25 Pirfenidone, an antifibrotic drug
2010-10-25 Antithrombotic in atrial fibrillation, bleeding risk
2010-10-25 Cilostazol in prevention of strokes
2010-10-25 Glucosamine, chondroitin, confirmation of their inefficiency
2010-10-25 Aspirin, even at low doses, decreases the risk of colorectal cancer
2010-10-25 Pegloticase, urate oxidase with sustained effect, authorized in the USA as Krystexxa*
2010-10-25 Ivabradine, Procolaran*, in heart failure
2010-10-25 Ipilimumab for metastatic melanoma
2010-10-25 Zotarolimus, analogue of everolimus, incorpotated in stents.
2010-10-25 Fruit and vegetables for the prevention of type 2 diabetes
2010-10-25 Boceprevir, telaprevir, protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus, orally active
2010-10-25 Omega-3 fatty acids and cardiovascular protection
2010-10-25 Statins in fast food outlets, “MacStatin »
2010-10-25 Bisphosphonates and esophageal cancer
2010-10-25 FDA for the withdrawal of midodrine
2010-10-25 Risk factors for stroke
2010-10-24 Polidocanol, Asclera*, to treat small varicose veins
2010-10-24 Effects of calcium supplementation on the risk of myocardial infarction.
2010-10-24 Alopecia areata, diphenylcyprone and squaric acid dibutylester
2010-10-24 Glycopyrronium or glycopyrrolate, a muscarinic receptor antagonist
2010-10-24 Lamotrigine, Lamictal*as a possible cause of aseptic meningitis
2010-4-30 Interactions between warfarin and antibiotics, especially cotrimoxazole
2010-4-30 Statins and hypertension: do they have an antihypertensive effect?
2010-4-30 Dutasteride, Avodart * for the prevention of prostate cancer
2010-4-30 Fruit and vegetable intake and overall cancer risk
2010-4-30 Triclosan and triclocarban
2010-4-30 Conflicts of interest and findings of clinical trials: about rosiglitazone
2010-4-2 Allopregnanolone and experimental Alzheimer's disease
2010-4-2 Nateglinide and valsartan for the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular events
2010-4-2 Fenofibrate
2010-4-2 Intensive treatment of arterial hypertension in diabetic patients?
2010-4-2 Eprotirome, a thyromimetic lipid-lowering molecule
2010-4-2 Variability of blood pressure and risk of stroke
2010-2-15 Paroxetine and tamoxifen, pharmacokinetic interaction with clinical consequences
2010-2-15 Liposomal amphotericin B in the treatment of the visceral leishmaniasis
2010-2-15 Procalcitonin; a help for the prescription of antibiotics
2010-2-15 Concomitant prescription of methotrexate and folic acid
2010-2-15 Omega-3 fatty acid, telomeres and ageing
2010-2-15 Venlafaxine, Effexor*, and the risk of sudden death from cardiac cause
2010-2-15 Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and the risk of atrial fibrillation
2010-2-15 C-reactive protein, CRP, and extension of the clinical uses of rosuvastatin, Crestor*.
2010-2-15 Incidence of atrial fibrillation according to the type of antihypertensive drugs used
2010-1-30 Dalfampridine, Ampyra*, to improve walking difficulties in patients with multiple sclerosis
2010-1-30 Rupatadine, Wystamm*, H1 antihistamine
2010-1-30 Cladribine for multiple sclerosis
2010-1-30 Fingolimod for multiple sclerosis
2010-1-30 Chlorhexidine-alcohol or povidone-iodine (Bétadine*), like disinfectant in surgery
2010-1-30 Antihypertensive drugs, myocardial infarction and stroke
2010-1-30 Valproic acid for the treatment of chronic aggressive behaviour of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
2010-1-30 Bisphenol A, update from the FDA, January 2010
2010-1-30 Dietary pattern and the risk of depression
2010-1-30 Alitretinoin
2010-1-30 Inverse agonist
2010-1-24 Calcium, vitamin D and fractures
2010-1-24 Angiotensin II antagonists, sartans, and the risk of dementia
2010-1-24 Mandometer therapy for obesity treatment
2010-1-24 Sseasonal flu vaccine, Fluzone High-Dose*, for the elderly, in the USA
2010-1-24 Fever as a natural defense mechanism must not be suppressed by acetaminophen
2010-1-24 High-frequency electromagnetic field could have a protective effect in an experimental model of Alzheimer disease
2010-1-24 Cilengitide, integrin antagonist and antitumor drug under development
2010-1-24 Second-generation antipsychotics and metabolic disorders
2010-1-24 Effect of antidepressants according to the severity of depression
2010-1-24 Ginkgo biloba, memory and cognitive decline
2009-11-10 Ofatumumab, Arzerra*, approved in the USA for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia refractory to fludarabine and alemtuzumab.
2009-11-10 Postexposure prophylaxis for HIV infection
2009-11-10 Weight gain and increase in cholesterol in children and adolescents treated by second generation antipsychotics.
2009-11-10 Consumption of tea and risk of ischemic stroke
2009-11-10 Atorvastatine for the prevention of stroke
2009-11-10 Stevia rebaudiana, stevioside, sweetener
2009-11-10 Omega-3 fatty acids and antidepressants (Sertraline)
2009-11-10 The Mediterranean diet against depression and diabetes
2009-11-10 Influenza vaccine H1N1, 2 injections in children of 9 years and younger


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