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High-frequency electromagnetic field could have a protective effect in an experimental model of Alzheimer disease

Author : Pierre Allain Date : 2010-1-24

American, Japanese and Chinese researchers (Journal of Alzheimer's Disease) have exposed normal mice and mice genetically modified to develop disorders of the Alzeihmer type to a high frequency electromagnetic field such as used in mobile phone (918 MHz, 0.25 W/kg), 2 hours daily during ten month. This long-term exposure to an electromagnetic field improved the performances of the normal mice and reduced the cognitive decline and the formation of amyloid deposits in the mice with Alzeihmer equivalent.

The authors indicate that they initiated this study to find  the possible harmful effects of the electromagnetic field and that in fact they found unexpected good outcomes (serendipity).

This study, if its results are confirmed, opens interesting therapeutic prospects and shows that the electromagnetic waves, like those of mobile telephony, can have beneficial effects and probably also some adverse effects.

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