Pharmacology and drugs, overview
Methods for studying drugs, Steps in drug discovery and development, General characteristics of the effects of drugs, Mechanism of action drugs on the molecular level, Pharmacokinetiks, Pharmacokinetics - illustrations

Drugs and transmitters
Acetylcholine, cholinomimetic agents, cholinergic antagonists, Drugs and catecholamines,Serotonin, serotoninomimetics, antagonists , Histamine, H1 and H2 receptors antagonists, Nitric oxide and NO-mimetic drugs, Adenosine, antagonists, ATP, GABA and glutamate, amino acid transmitters, Angiotensin, bradykinin, endothelins and natriuretic peptides, Neuropeptides, agonists and antagonists, Eicosanoids, prostaglandins, thromboxanes,leucotrienes and anandamide, Posterior pituitary hormones, vasopressin and oxytocin, Hypothalamic and anterior pituitary hormones, Estrogens, progestins and hormonal contraceptives, Androgen steroid hormones, Thyroid and antithyroid drugs, CRH, ACTH, corticosteroids, Insulin, oral hypoglycemic agents, regulation of food intake, Bone and hormones, and more...

Elements (metals), Water and Drugs
Elements (metals), chemical characteristics explaining biological functions,
Water, H2O, Chemical characteristics explaining biological role, Sodium and drugs, Potassium and drugs, Calcium and drugs, Strontium and drugs, Magnesium and drugs, Hydrogen pump, H+/K+-ATPase, and inhibitors, NA+/K+-ATPase and inhibitors
, Diuretics, Urinary elimination of elements, Lithium and drugs
Drugs, nucleic acids and proteins
DNA and RNA biosynthesis, Inhibitors of nucleotides biosynthesis, Inhibitors of DNA and RNA formation from nucleotides; antimetabolites, Drugs and nucleic acids, Drugs and proteins biosynthesis
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Quizz : Q 49
The following drugs are used as specific treatment for bipolar disorders:
methylphenidate (ritalin)
valproic acid



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