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Strange generics in Canada, Apo-ramipril 5 mg and Sandoz morphine

Author : Pierre Allain Date : 2012-4-21

In Canada, Apo-ramipril is marketed by the generic manufacturer Apotex. Health Canada in a note of March 19, 2012, reports that a batch of capsules of Apo-ramipril 5 mg for sale in Canada was empty; the capsules were intact but there was nothing inside. The fact that Apotex can sale empty capsules is amazing about the quality of controls!

Health Canada, in a note of March 21, 2012, indicates that some injectable vials of Sandoz morphine are labelled as isoproterenol. See also this other warning! Sandoz which evokes reliability and quality confuse morphine and isoproterenol!

The mess that seems to exist among generic suppliers is the consequence of the regulations put in place by the political authorities. I have no objection against the generics but I disagree with the manner used for their introduction on the market.

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