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Sseasonal flu vaccine, Fluzone High-Dose*, for the elderly, in the USA

Author : Pierre Allain Date : 2010-1-24

In December 23th, 2009, the FDA announced the approval of the seasonal influenza vaccine Fluzone High-Dose*, vaccine intended for people of more than 65 years. The vaccine Fluzone High-Dose contains 4 times more antigens than the traditional vaccine Fluzone*. The justification of the increase of the antigen dose is that the immune system of the elderly is less reactive than that of adults, and thus it is necessary to give them higher doses to obtain a sufficient response. Adverse effects without severity were more frequent with Fluzone High-Dose* than with Fluzone*, but the severe adverse effects were similar.

To my knowledge this reasoning leading to increase the dose of seasonal flu vaccine in the elderly was not applied to A H1N1 influenza vaccination (higher dosage or repeated administration). It is true that the elderly are perhaps already a little protected from A H1N1 because of the former epidemics.

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