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Statins in fast food outlets, “MacStatin »

Author : Pierre Allain Date : 2010-10-25

On the basis of the observation that a diet rich in saturated fatty acids and trans unsaturated fatty acids is harmful for health and that, on the other hand, statins have beneficial effects largely recognized since almost everyone takes, English authors proposed, in a paper published in American Journal of Cardiology, that the fast food outlets neutralize the harmful effects  of food containing a lot of saturated fat and trans unsaturated fat by providing their customers with a statin, except pravastatin. The customer, each time he eats too much fat, could take a statin tablet which the authors propose to call "MacStatin", available in fast food outlets.

This suggestion consisting in neutralizing, on an ad hoc basis, each fat excess by a statin offered like a food accompaniment such as salt, ketchup, and taken intermittently, questions about continuous or discontinuous intake of some drugs. The authors nevertheless recall that it is better to have a diet considered as correct, to make physical exercise, not to smoke etc.

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