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Author : Pierre Allain Date : 2010-4-2

Used alone, fenofibrate was ineffective on the clinical parameters during the trials.

A clinical trial, referred to as ACCORD, published in the NEJM, March 2010, compared in patients with diabetes, over a period of five years, the effects of simvastatin used alone (placebo group) to those of simvastatin plus fenofibrate 160 mg per day (or less if creatinine level was increased). The results showed that fenofibrate significantly lowered triglycerides but did not influence the frequency or severity of cardiovascular events, except perhaps in women in which they were increased. The authors conclude that in diabetic patients there is no need of adding fenofibrate to simvastatin.

Another trial published in Diabetes Care, February 2010, shows that diabetic patients treated with fenofibrate at the dose of 200 mg daily for five years had an impaired renal function as evaluated from biological markers: elevated plasma creatinine, decreased creatinine clearance and elevation of cystatin C.

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