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The Mediterranean diet against depression and diabetes

Author : Pierre Allain Date : 2009-11-10

We already indicated on several occasions in Pharmacorama the interest of the Mediterranean diet for the prevention of the cardiovascular events.

A paper of Spanish authors in Archives of General Psychiatry of October 2009 shows that the adoption of a Mediterranean diet reduced the incidence of depressive states. The people included in the study were divided into quintiles, from 1 to 5, according to the degree of Mediterranean diet. The risk of depression was approximately halved in the people who had a very Mediterranean diet.

Let us recall that the Mediterranean diet contains more mono-unsaturated fatty acids acid type oleic present in the olive oil than of saturated fatty acids, is rich in vegetables, cereals, fruits and nut, legumes, with white meat and fish and little red meat and relatively little dairy products.

A paper of Italian authors in Annals off Internal Medicine of September 1st 2009 compared the effects of a low-fat diet and a Mediterranean diet low in carbohydrates in persons with a type 2 diabetes just diagnosed. For these diabetic patients, the Mediterranean diet was better than  the low-fat diet regarding many parameters, in particular the need to use antidiabetic drugs: over 4 years duration 70% of the patients with the low-fat diet had to use antidiabetic drugs, against only 44% of those with a Mediterranean diet.

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