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Ivabradine, Procolaran*, in heart failure

Author : Pierre Allain Date : 2010-10-25

We already spoke about ivabradine in Pharmacorama, see if current  and here.

The Lancet, September 11 2010 published the results of 2 clinical trials, SHIFT studies, concerning the effect of ivabradine in patients with heart failure.

The first paper shows that the group of patients taking 7,5 mg of ivabradine twice daily, compared to the placebo, (in addition to standard treatment for heart failure including beta-blockers), had reduced mortality of cardiac origin and less frequent hospitalizations and fewer adverse effects except phosphenes. All cause mortality was similar in the 2 groups.

The second paper shows that the manifestations of heart failure are all the more important as heart rate is high and ivabradine slows the heart.

The editorial accompanying these two papers stresses that all cause mortality was not reduced by ivabradine and that treatment with beta-blockers was perhaps insufficient in patients included in the trials SHIFT.

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