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Pegloticase, urate oxidase with sustained effect, authorized in the USA as Krystexxa*

Author : Pierre Allain Date : 2010-10-25

Pegloticase obtained FDA approval as Krystexxa* in the indication gout not controlled by allopurinol or febuxostat; pegloticase is given in intravenous infusion once every 2 weeks.

Pegloticase is, like rasburicase, an uricase or urate oxidase but pegloticase is pegylated, which prolongs its duration of action and makes it possible to reduce the frequency of the administrations, 1 every 15 days, whereas rasburicase, not pegylated, Fasturtec* is given in intravenous infusion once daily. The indication of Fasturtec* is the acute hyperuricemia secondary to chemotherapy.

Uricase is an enzyme nonpresent in humans which catalyzes the conversion of uric acid into allantoin, and decreases the concentration of uric acid. It is a protein and its administration by intravenous route requires a monitoring because of the risk of allergic reactions which can go to anaphylactic shock.

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