Cyclooxygenase inhibitors, NSAID - Antagonists of cannabinoid receptors

Among the numerous effects resulting from the stimulation of cannabinoid receptors some are beneficial and other adverse, according to the circumstances and inhibition of adverse effects by antagonists can be usefull.

Rimonabant (Acomplia*, non marketed) is one of the first specific antagonists of CB1 receptors whose stimulation, among other effects, increases appetite. Rimonabant decreases appetite and induces weight loss. It could increase adiponectin biosynthesis and HDL cholesterol level.

The use of rimonabant to facilitate smoking or alcohol cessation is also considered. Rimonabant could probably be used as an antidote of cannabis effects but it could elicit a withdrawal syndrome in cannabis users.

Recent studies showed that the stimulation of the cannabinoid receptors activates osteoclasts and induces osteoporosis development, which evokes another potential use of their antagonists!

Among the adverse effects of rimonabant one can quote nausea and a depressive tendency.

Here is the chemical formula of rimonabant:

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