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Prescribing according to body volume instead of body surface New
2-5-2012 - The dosage of many drugs, particularly anti-cancer drugs, is established according to the body area of the patients. In my opinion, this type of prescription is not justified and should be abandoned. suite...
Comments about biopsies and cancers New
2-5-2012 - Two recent letters published in the BMJ point out the potential danger of biopsies so frequently practiced for suspected cancers. suite...
Vorapaxar, platelet aggregation inhibitor, inhibiting PAR-1 receptor (Protease-Activated Receptor) New
2-5-2012 - Vorapaxar is an antagonist of thrombin on platelets, it blocks the receptor called protease-activated receptor, PAR-1 and thus inhibits the platelet-aggregating effect of thrombin. suite...
Lasmiditan for the treatment of migraine attack New
2-5-2012 - Lasmiditan is an agonist of the serotonin 5-HT1F receptors, it is under investigation for the treatment of migraine attack. suite...
Treatment of overactive bladder syndrome New
2-5-2012 - The drugs generally used for the treatment of hypereractive bladder are anticholinergics: oxybutinin, trospium, solifenacin, tolterodine. suite...
Antibody to PCSK9 and LDL-cholesterol New
2-5-2012 - The antibody to PSCK9 called REGN727, administered by intravenous or subcutaneous route to people with hypercholesterolemia already treated by atorvastatin, considerably reduced their LDL cholesterol level. suite...
Insulin alone for type 2 diabetes? New
2-5-2012 - The treatment with metformin plus insulin did not reduce, compared to insulin alone, overall mortality nor cardiovascular mortality but it lowered a little more the level of glycated hemoglobin and induced a lesser weight gain. suite...
Brodalumab and ixekizumab, to treat psoriasis New
2-5-2012 - Two antibodies neutralize the effects of interleukin-17, one blocking the receptor of interleukin-17, brodalumab, and the other neutralizing the interleukin-17 itself, ixekizumab.They are used as investigational drugs for psoriasis. suite...
Aspirin and cancer
21-4-2012 - The popular press has largely commented on the results of some recent studies showing the benefit of aspirin in preventing and even treating cancer. suite...
Amantadine for severe traumatic brain injury
21-4-2012 - Amantadine at doses ranging between 200 and 400 mg daily, compared to a placebo, accelerated the regression of the disorders of consciousness after traumatic brain injury. suite...
Ingenol mebutate for actinic keratosis
21-4-2012 - Ingenol mebutate gel applied on actinic keratosis once daily during two or three days,induces a considerable reduction of the importance of the lesions within one or two months. suite...
Peginesatide, Omontys*, for treatment of anemia in adult dialysis patients
21-4-2012 - Peginesatide,is a stimulant of erythropoiesis as erythropoietin but it is different by its structure, it consists of two peptide chains bound chemically and pegylated. It is not genetically obtained. suite...
Donepezil 23 mg, or how to avoid the competition of the corresponding generics.
21-4-2012 - Eisai Laboratory obtained from the FDA, 4 months before the end of the patent of Aricept*, in fact four months before the possibility of making generics, the authorization to market a presentation of 23 mg(which cannot be obtained by combining 5 and 10 mg). suite...
Dutasteride and progression of the localized prostate cancer
21-4-2012 - In patients with a localized prostate cancer, dutasteride slowed the progression of the disease but preceding results were more ambiguous. suite...
Surfactant in the respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn
21-4-2012 - Surfactant products have a common name which ends generally in "– actant" such as lucinactant newly marketed in the U.S. under the name Surfaxin*, and others, poractant alpha, beractant, bovactant, calfactant... suite...
Supplementation in vitamin D and calcium in the elderly
21-4-2012 - Supplementation with vitamin D3, or with calcium, or both, compared to placebo, has not changed all-cause mortality, neither cardiovascular mortality, neither cancer mortality, nor cancer incidence. suite...


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